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All of our Tulsa Oklahoma divorce documents are custom drafted to your specifications.


We have several programs designed specifically to end divorce conflict. Feel free to ask us for help, especially if you think your spouse is impossible to deal with!


Our Uncontested Divorce in Tulsa options are designed to save you thousands!

William Tidwell
William Tidwell
00:49 02 Feb 20
Zenna was extremely helpful, very pleasant, and personable she made sure that everything was extremely easy to follow. When we had a question she returned our phone call quickly not to mention gave us her cell phone number for last minute questions. I would recommend her to anyone I know that is in this unfortunate situation.
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
18:55 22 Jan 20
I tried to do this on my own and quickly became confused and overwhelmed. I found Express and was so relieved. Angela made the process so easy with step-by-step instructions. She answered all my questions and concerns along the way. I had no problems at all and the whole process went smoothly. I highly recommend them!
Eric Green
Eric Green
17:13 20 Jan 20
Zenna Lewis at documents and meditation was awesome she was very helpful with helping me understand what was going on and what I need to do next after she did my letter in response
Samantha Hewitt
Samantha Hewitt
20:24 29 Dec 19
Angela made my divorce so easy and uncomplicated. I had enough to deal with besides the paperwork, but they took care of everything. With a short phone call, she had all the info she needed and I got my paperwork in the mail in 2 business days. After that, Angela was just a call or text away for every little question I had and I'm the kind of person who has lots of questions when it comes to important stuff like this. She answered every question quickly. A divorce can be so stressful, but I'm so thankful I used this service. It was well worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone I know!
David Coleman
David Coleman
19:09 26 Dec 19
Had a really good experience of Zena handling the paperwork and getting all that needs to be done to take care of the divorce keep up the good work and happy New Year
Teri-Waiala Daniels
Teri-Waiala Daniels
21:54 23 Dec 19
Precisely accurate and informative legal documents ready for legal proceedings. Following the precise instructions given they will make you feel as if you have the skill to do this alone, who needs to pay a lawyer to do it when you can save literally thousands doing it yourself.
Enoch Nath
Enoch Nath
12:51 05 Dec 19
These guys are really good in what they do,specially Zenna Lewis is the best in this office. Do know how to do her work professionally and she know what she is doing. Great confidence and Great attitude. She is so great i recommend everyone to go to Zenna Lewis. She is just great. I wish her all the best for her life.
Christy Hubbard
Christy Hubbard
18:41 03 Dec 19
Every time I asked a question they had the answers, Heather was so awesome. My divorce is final and another chapter in my life is closed. I would highly recommend Express documents and mediation.
Gabe Long
Gabe Long
00:36 13 Nov 19
Zenna and the team at Express Documents and Mediation are flat out amazing! I asked her to make the impossible happen and she did it. I am soooooo happy with my results!! If you need documents generated for a divorce or separation or most any legal need you need to go see Zenna and the crew in Moore Ok!! Outstanding!!!
Kelli Long
Kelli Long
21:38 25 Oct 19
Angela made the process extremely painless and simple. She was very professional and even gave us a same day appointment. Our documents were completed on the same day!! I would highly recommend this company.
Hope Barber
Hope Barber
23:26 15 Oct 19
They were so helpful and made everything go super fast! Thank you so much for making this an easier process! 🙂
Grant Andrus
Grant Andrus
14:54 15 Oct 19
Very helpful, patient and easy to work with. Even after several of revisions, complete changes to paperwork and months of delay they were always more than willing to fix what I needed. Angie, thank you for all of it. Once the judge saw us it only took 5 minutes for all of the papers to be signed!
Javie Modesto
Javie Modesto
22:33 19 Aug 19
They were very helpful and professional. They got me in on the same day I called. They were efficient and nice.
Cheyenne Cheatwood
Cheyenne Cheatwood
21:14 19 Aug 19
Absolutely amazing service. Friendly people. Explained in great detail how to get every step done correctly. Very professional.
Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
16:08 16 Aug 19
Awesome place to go for mediation. Quick and easy to get started.
Jordan Campbell
Jordan Campbell
21:29 12 Aug 19
Very prompt and friendly services ⭐️⭐️⭐️! I would recommend to anyone needing a divorce ASAP!
Ninja Web
Ninja Web
21:14 12 Aug 19
These guys are awesome! Actually, Angela to be specific! She helped me with my cheap divorce - and got me the divorce forms I needed. I had filed with another website, and the judge rejected them! If you need a divorce in Oklahoma, get with Express Docs!! THANK YOU ANGELA!!!!!
Robert Gosciniak
Robert Gosciniak
22:23 19 Jun 19
I'm so very pleased with the service that Express provided. Angie, and the rest of the staff, were so helpful, and did everything to make it happen. Thank you Angie !!!
Dr. K Miller
Dr. K Miller
21:20 17 Jun 19
Eric is extremely professional. They are very efficient and super helpful. I’m so glad I used their services.
Quinte Walleye Guiding
Quinte Walleye Guiding
22:41 06 Jun 19
Best cheap uncontested divorce in Oklahoma hands down. I sent my niece in here and they took very good care of her.
Srikanth Anumula
Srikanth Anumula
16:22 04 Jun 19
The lady who helped me coast thru my divorce is Angela. Respectful, cordial, thoughtful, helpful. Couldn't have gone to a better person in this matter than her. She knows what she's doing. We need ppl like her more out there to assist ppl like me for help in matters not just in divorce but other thing's also. Thank YouAngela.
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson
21:22 03 Jun 19
I had the best experience here today. I walked in without an appointment and was taken care of quickly and efficiently. I met with Angela and she made time to help me with revisions to my divorce papers. Angela is a very nice, friendly and down to earth person, she met my expectations and more, I wasn't sure what to do and what steps to take and she made everything so easy to understand. I feel much more confidennt in the process.I am absolutely happy with my experience! I highly recommend this business. Thank you Angela!!
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson
04:52 14 Apr 19
Really professional and knowledgeable. Price is great, as long as the divorce is agreed upon and no contest then this is your place to go. Steps and instructions are all laid out in order and simple to follow.
Holly Sheppard
Holly Sheppard
12:22 08 Mar 19
This place is AMAZING! Would strongly reccomend !
Justin Stevens
Justin Stevens
01:20 16 Jan 19
They were great! Worked with me with payment and super friendly.
KaCee Thrift
KaCee Thrift
00:43 19 Dec 18
I had a wonderful experience with Eric and his team! We working together for over a year and a half, they were patient and answered every question I had. I will for sure refer anyone to you all if they need! Absolutely amazing!
Justbob C
Justbob C
21:39 18 Nov 18
My paperwork took two minutes in front of the judge. Half were declined .Mine sailed through. Two minutes, no hassle. Follow instructions exactly.
Angela King
Angela King
16:38 17 Oct 18
Excellent service. Angela was awesome she walked me step by step throughout my process and i would recommend her to everyone who needs help with a divorce..thank u so much.
Mike IC
Mike IC
22:05 25 Aug 18
They worked with me over several months due to my rather unique situation. Feedback was almost instantaneous, very responsive to texts and emails during business hours and got good advice. My option was not cheap but the very responsive customer service made it very worth it. Thank you. Highly recommend these professional folks to get you through even the stickiest divorce.
Destiny Philipose
Destiny Philipose
22:37 20 Aug 18
Easy to work with and made the process a breeze! Who knew getting a divorce could be so easy? Highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for legal services!
Anna Asbell
Anna Asbell
19:59 21 Jun 18
These ladies are so kind and helpful. I was lost and they told me step by step what to do and expect. So much cheaper than any lawyer. I had no problems with their paperwork being excepted by the court. I hope I never need them again, but would definitely recommend them!
Donavon Martin
Donavon Martin
20:00 15 Nov 17
Very helpful, service was exceptional. Margie Johnson
Danny Winkenwerder
Danny Winkenwerder
20:51 10 Nov 17
Very helpful with all of our questions. Has been quick and very efficient.
Olga Cordero
Olga Cordero
22:03 16 Sep 17
I received an excellent and wonderful service everybody there in the office is so nice!
Maygan Dodd
Maygan Dodd
20:41 15 Aug 17
Very quick an very friendly will help you get the exact results you are looking for in a nasty divorce.
Amanda Hodge
Amanda Hodge
13:43 20 Jun 17
Each part of the process comes with step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Express makes a pain in the butt event less of a pain in the butt process.
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Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce in Tulsa

In the event of a collapse of a marriage and a separation becomes inevitable, undergoing a prolonged and agonizing divorce process may not be in the interest of the family members. In such circumstances, an uncontested divorce is an ideal way to save the family from pain and costs of a lengthy legal battle. For purposes of education, this article focuses on discussing the benefits of an uncontested divorce vs. battling with lawyers. Keep reading on to make an informed decision, whether or not it is worth contesting a divorce in court.

What is an uncontested divorce in Tulsa?

An uncontested divorce in Tulsa Oklahoma is an agreement between both spouses to break up without undergoing a long legal battle in court. The reasons for divorce may vary from one state to another, but common grounds for uncontested divorce in Oklahoma usually fall under irreconcilable incompatibility. If the parties cannot agree on an uncontested divorce, the parties can still utilize Express Documents and Mediation of Tulsa to mediate any outstanding disputes or disagreements.

How it works

In most cases, an uncontested divorce agreement often includes issues such as the following.

v Child support, custody, and visitation, where they are relevant

v Division of marital property and assets, where applicable

v Spousal support, including amount, terms as well as duration, if applicable. (note: Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. only includes alimony or spousal support if both parties agree to alimony or spousal support)

In many circumstances, the court will only grant an uncontested divorce if the disputing spouses have agreed to all conditions surrounding the divorce. The parties must agree on a division of marital property, such as a house, cars, and personal property. If children are born of the marriage, the parties must agree to custody, visitation and child support. Whenever a disagreement is not settled, divorce mediation can save the situation from becoming an $8,000.00 divorce in Tulsa!

Normally, when seeking an uncontested divorce, both parties must have settled all disputes before filing the divorce. Hiring an experienced divorce mediator will also help the couple to navigate the intricate details which may not be agreed upon and even negotiate the terms of the agreement, thus protecting the parties from financial peril as a result of litigation.

Advantages of Uncontested Divorce

The benefits of an uncontested divorce for the client and the immediate family are many, including offering an instant, less damaging legal process that also protects the privacy of the client to a greater extent, unlike battling with lawyers in court for several years.

Easier and speedy Resolution

Most importantly, an uncontested separation is simpler to resolve, in contrast to a contested divorce. With an uncontested divorce, it usually takes ten days to obtain a divorce in Tulsa with no children. On the other hand, if the parties fight over key issues such as sharing of matrimonial property, child support and access, anxiety will build causing the former partners to derail and counteract each other, dragging the case for several years in court. Thus, an uncontested divorce can quickly resolve these disagreements.


When going through a contested divorce, the tendency to become uncivil by either party tends to be higher unlike when solving the case through an uncontested or mediated divorce where a tolerable amount of sobriety and civility may prevail right through the process. The heated conflict that is common in contested divorce often makes it hard to resolve the issues amicably.

Costs of Divorce in Tulsa

While the expenses of hiring a legal counsel for a contested divorce may vary from one legal counsel to another, the costs of an uncontested divorce in Tulsa are often less in the long run, particularly when both parties are civil, sharing information and documents freely while negotiating a joint agreement. This occurrence means that the spouses can save more money for taking care of other family expenses down the road.

Express Documents and Mediation of Tulsa starts at $149 without children or $249 with children involved in a Tulsa Uncontested Divorce.

Improved Privacy Control

Choosing an uncontested approach to resolving a separation can also provide better privacy control to both spouses. This incident is because the terms of an uncontested divorce in Tulsa are debated in private while in a contested separation each side`s counsel make their submissions in public, and they become public hearings. By the time a client who has worked with Express Documents and Mediation of Tulsa reaches the courthouse, they have already settled all disputes in the case.

Benefits to the immediate family

There are also many advantages to the immediate family if both parties resolve the separation in an uncontested approach. More specifically, the kids will reap emotionally and financially if the both spouses put their personal egos aside and put the children` interests ahead of everything else. In fact, the effect of the divorce will be less harmful to the kids in an uncontested separation, as compared to a contested one.

Sometimes, a contested divorce may force other family members to make unwise decisions, for instance, to take sides’ in a divorce case. In addition to that, immediate colleagues and friends may be required to file affidavits to show testimony or evidence in court during a contested divorce. Such excessive pressure may affect the relationship between the family members. Hence, it is healthier for the children and even the extended family when both spouses can establish a clash-proof environment via an uncontested divorce instead of picking a contestable style. When settling a divorce case, the conventional wisdom is to consider an arrangement of a quicker, less hurting, as well as a cost-effective and more private manner that upholds the emotional well-being of the kids and the family members while also protecting their rights and welfare.

Where is my divorce case going to be heard?

Your divorce will be heard in the county where you file. Typically you must file in the (Tulsa) county you have resided in for at least 30 days and 6 months in the State of Oklahoma.

How do I commence divorce proceedings?

You must file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to start the divorce filing process in your (Tulsa) county of residence.

How do attorneys charge for handling a divorce?

Lawyers have various billing options. Typically, a lawyer will charge an hourly rate with a retainer fee to start the work of your case.

What is a retainer fee?

A Retainer Fee is a monetary fee paid to represent a client in a case. The average retainer fee in Oklahoma is anywhere from $1500-$3000.

Will the retainer fee cover my entire attorney fee?

Typically speaking, the answer is no. Generally speaking a divorce may take more hours than what the attorney’s retainer fee covers, but that’s not necessarily inclusive of what a retainer fee may cover.

Can I pay a flat fee if my divorce is uncontested?

Yes. Our services are designed for you to play flat fees instead of unknown retainer and hourly fees. If your case is contested we will charge you $450 for a mediation initially. Additional mediation can be bought in blocks of one hours to three hours. If you are in complete agreement and do not need to mediate then we can start your uncontested divorce paperwork at $149 without children or $249 with children. 🙂

Can an attorney represent both me and my spouse in an uncontested divorce?

Typically one attorney will represent one party and another lawyer will represent the other party. For the sake of our services, you will not need to use an attorney if you have an  uncontested divorce prepared for you to file a pro se divorce. Pro Se means “For Self.”

How long does it take to get a divorce in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma there is a 90 day waiting period for with children divorces, and a 10 day waiting period for divorce without children. Some people get a 90 day waiver to request the court grant the divorce faster than 90 days if they have circumstances which they feel warrant a faster divorce. It is up to the judge whether or not the 90 days is waived or stands.

In a contested case, most cases of this type will take anywhere from six months to even a couple of years. We have seen cases go for very long period of time and that is our number one goal to avoid!

Who pays child support in a divorce case?

The Oklahoma DHS child support guidelines govern who pays Child support and a divorce. Typically the noncustodial parent pays child support.

How is child support calculated?

Oklahoma child support is calculated using the Oklahoma DHS child support calculator which is subject to the Oklahoma DHS child support guidelines. You can find the Oklahoma DHS child support calculator with a simple Google search of Oklahoma DHS child support calculator.

How is custody handled in a divorce case?

In a contested case, custody is fought for and battling court with a judge ultimately determining which parent receives custody or if both receive joint custody. Most of our clients elect for joint custody or sole custody depending on the circumstances. Attorney give legal advice to tell you what Custody they think is best for you and your situation.

How are property and debts divided in a divorce?

An amicable divorce we try to separate propertyIn an amicable way. In a contested divorce, the parties must file for division of property under the equitable distribution laws of Oklahoma.

What is support alimony?

Alimony is a form of spousal support that is paid whenever one spouse provides for the other spouse and it is agreed upon by the court that Financial support is necessary to maintain the well being of the party or receiving alimony. Some of our clients elect to provide alimony because they feel like it’s the right thing to do but not everyone is required to do that.

What assets are subject to division by the court in a divorce case?

Typically a marriage has everything combined into one community property; debt and assets. These are divided to either according to the wishes of the party or the order of the court.

What is alimony in lieu of property division?

Alimony in lieu of property division is typically a negotiated agreement between the parties to exchange property instead of monthly alimony payment.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement by the parties before they get married so that their property is kept separate.

Should I have a prenuptial  agreement before I marry?

A prenuptial agreement is something that should be discussed with an attorney. There maybe protections for you in getting a prenuptial agreement. A licensed attorney can give you advice about a prenuptial agreement.

Can my decree of divorce be modified?

Certain modifications of a divorce decree can be made after a divorce is granted by filing a motion with the court such as a motion to modify custody visitation or child support. Typically property is final but you should ask an attorney if you need legal advice because that is definitely a legal question.

Do I need an attorney to handle my divorce?

We have over two thousand couples every year file for divorce for themselves  without the use of an attorney. In the event that you need an attorney we can refer you to our friends out in town who may be able to give you legal advice for representation. Our number one goal is to help you save thousands of dollars wanted divorce and not have to go through a two year long divorce battle. We aim to provide the highest possible customer service available.

Can I hire a paralegal instead?

Absolutely! We provide the same services that a paralegal does, but we just package it with the divorce mediation. Getting a divorce under the umbrella of divorce mediation is much more powerful in that we have a vast experience helping solve disputes. You get the paralegal price with a mediator quality.



Uncontested Divorce Tulsa starts at $149 without children or $249 with children. We can also help you with the division of property and assets. All divorce decrees with children involved come with a Standard Child Support Computation. (subject to OKDHS and Judges approval)

Uncontested Divorce Tulsa without children

Starts at $149

Uncontested Divorce Tulsa with children

Starts at $249

Uncontested Divorce Tulsa Missing Spouse

Starts at $299

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