Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City

Get an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma City with EXPDM


Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City – we prepare all the documents you need to get a divorce in Oklahoma City.


Your divorce doesn’t have to take forever. We help you get the divorce started and over with as quick as possible.


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to help you have the best experience we can offer.


All of our Oklahoma City divorce documents are custom drafted to your specifications.


We have several programs designed specifically to end divorce conflict. Feel free to ask us for help, especially if you think your spouse is impossible to deal with!


Our Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City options are designed to save you thousands!

Cheap Divorce in Oklahoma City – Uncontested Divorce will save you Thousands!

A divorce can be cheap if both parties agree to settle disputes without fighting. Our Divorce Mediation staff will guide our clients through a process which enables clients to save thousands on unnecessary and expensive divorce fees. Our proprietary divorce process is custom tailored to fit each situation. Our process is as follows:

Steps to Getting A Cheap Divorce in Oklahoma City

  1. Discuss Desires with Client
  2. Identify Areas of Disagreement
  3. Find Areas of Common Ground
  4. Drill Down to Specific Items of Disagreement
  5. Negotiate and Settle So That Both Parties Are Satisfied
  6. Draft Uncontested Divorce Forms for Filing
  7. Client Reviews Documents
  8. Client Begins Filing Process

As you can see, we begin and end with a very simple divorce discovery process. Our #1 goal is to squash any potential areas of heat which could cause catastrophic and consequential arguments. We remove the people from the divorce process, and help them come to common grounds.

Oklahoma City Divorce attorneys can fight contested divorce cases in Court. Our Oklahoma City Divorce Mediators can help avoid the use of lawyers to solve divorce issues. We handle roughly 2,000 cases a year and take great pride in assisting our community with avoiding nasty drawn out divorce battles. A divorce doesn’t have to be expensive if the parties will give us a shot at helping them settle.

Call us today or fill out our Discovery Form. The Discovery Form gives us the info in dispute, and our staff will contact you to go over your entry. Our #1 Goal is to help you avoid intense litigation AT ALL COST!!



Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City starts at $149 without children or $249 with children. We can also help you divide property and assets. All of our divorce decrees with children involved come with a standard child support computation. (child support subject to Judge and DHS approval)

Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City without children

Starts at $149

Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City with out children

Starts at $249

Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma City Missing Spouse

Starts at $299

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