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Uncontested Divorce Norman – we prepare all the documents you need to get a divorce in Norman.


Your divorce doesn’t have to take forever. We help you get the divorce started and over with as quick as possible.


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to help you have the best experience we can offer.


All of our Norman Oklahoma divorce documents are custom drafted to your specifications.


We have several programs designed specifically to end divorce conflict. Feel free to ask us for help, especially if you think your spouse is impossible to deal with!


Our Uncontested Divorce Norman options are designed to save you thousands! Get divorced in Cleveland County with less hassle!


We have prepared some answers to commonly asked questions often asked by women and men regarding uncontested divorce within Norman Oklahoma. Please recall the answer and the information included shall not be deemed as legal advice, as you must consult a lawyer for specific legal advice. Your situation and circumstance may require different conditions than any general answers could effectuate. Always consult with an attorney to apply the law to your particular facts and state.

1. What is an uncontested or agreed to divorce?

An uncontested or agreed to divorce is a category of divorce in which both parties come to an agreement as pertains to the dissolution of the marriage, the split of property and marital assets; custody, visitation, and child support when children are involved; and any other provision which apply.

2. Do we have to have a lawyer in court with us?

No. You may represent yourself in what is called “Pro Se” which is Latin and means “For Self;” due to the fact you both agree to the terms and have a mutual desire to save time and money. We draft anywhere from 1000-2000 divorce cases a year where individuals represent themselves.

3. How long does the divorce take? How much time is involved?

A divorce can be much faster in Norman Oklahoma  at Cleveland County District Court when it is Uncontested. Typically, our customers get their divorce finished in as soon as 10-14 days if they have no children in the marriage; and 90 days if there are children. Some people have urgent circumstances and request an Application to Waive the 90 Day Waiting Period so that they can ask the judge to let them finish quicker than 90 days. These times vary on a case by case basis and must be approved by a Judge!

4. What are some advantages of an uncontested divorce vs. litigated divorce?

Many benefits are observed. The price is less than the cost of a disputed or contested divorce. You’re in control of the division of your property and debts. You can create a visitation and custody strategy that works for your family. The process can finish much more rapidly. It is easy to prevent the fury and hard feelings that frequently occur during a trial. Divorce costs overall are cheap divorce costs.

5. If my spouse isn’t willing to sign, what happens next?

If a husband or wife are unwilling to agree to your terms, we then at that time recommend divorce mediation. Mediation is a neutral process whereby a 3rd party, neutral negotiator intervenes between both spouses to help settle any pending disputes or disagreements. The Mediator, by law, is a neutral person. The result is beneficial to both Petitioner and Respondent, in that each does not have to worry about bias existing. For example, a Respondent working directly with the Petitioner’s attorney could be a scary situation, in that the Petitioner’s attorney is working SOLELY in the best interests of the Petitioner. By law, an attorney cannot represent two opposing spouses. The Mediator is a legal device created to facilitate a legal, neutral environment to solve divorce problems/disagreements.

6. How to we get started on an Uncontested Divorce?

We have a 4-Step Process to simplify the divorce proceedings for you. Our 4-Step process is as follows:

We have a simple 4-Step Process:

We have a simplified process developed to make the divorce process as simple as possible for you to get started.  Whether you are calling in the Oklahoma City region, or in the Tulsa region, one of our Regional Offices have you covered!

  1. This first step is to have a Phone Consultation, gather all the information we need for your divorce, and answer any questions you may have, and/ or set up in office appointments. (if necessary, or requested)
  2. The next step, once we have gotten all of your information, is to secure a payment. You can pay with VisaMastercardDiscover Card, Credit or Debit Card over the phone, or you can pay with Credit/Debit or cash in one of our office locations. We also accept PayPal.
  3. Once the payment has been made, it will take us approximately 2-3 business days to complete your Uncontested Divorce Paperwork Packet.
  4. Once we complete the Uncontested Divorce Paperwork Packet, we will then deliver it to you by either email, snail mail, or by hand in the office. You will receive a set of filing instructions, which will tell you what order to sign and file your documents in at the Court house in the county of your residence.


Call Us or Schedule Right Here Online – In Person or Over the Phone

You can schedule an appointment to meet with a Mediator in person or over the phone! You can use our online scheduling system which shows  available appointments, or you may call our office to schedule at (405) 633-3194!



Uncontested Divorce Norman starts at $149 without children or $249 with children. We can also help you divide property and assets. All of our divorce decrees with children involved come with a standard child support computation. (child support subject to Judge and DHS approval)

Uncontested Divorce Norman without children

Starts at $149

Uncontested Divorce Norman without children

Starts at $249

Uncontested Divorce Norman Missing Spouse

Starts at $299

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