Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

Simple starting price, beginning at $149 without children or $249 with children

If you know what you want in your divorce; if both parties have agreed upon all of the terms of your divorce, then we can help you with a Pro Se Divorce, which is latin and means “For Self.”

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An Uncontested Divorce is different than traditional divorce, also known as “contested divorce” or “litigated divorce.” The litigated divorce involves having a Petitioner and a Respondent who both hire lawyers to fight for them. A Petitioner is the person who initially files the divorce petition at the court clerk’s office. The Respondent is a person who Responds to a lawsuit. In contested matters, the lawyers must duke it out in a court of law and let a Judge decide what’s best for the parties based on the law and the facts. This can result in a long, drawn out and expensive process that can be emotionally and financially burdening.

In an Uncontested Divorce, the parties basically start out by agreeing on all of the terms that will go into the divorce decree. Issues, such as marital debts, property distribution, child custody, visitation and child support are all agreed upon between the parties. This particular type of divorce tends to be much simpler than a contested divorce. Our divorce mediators often work with couples who do not have an uncontested divorce in the beginning stages. We use the process of divorce mediation to help them come to agreements that work for the both of them. This saves thousands of dollars and sometimes even hundreds of hours. There have been clients who have divorce cases last for over 5 years! Our goal is to get your divorce finalized in as little as 10-90 days! Uncontested Divorce allows divorces with children to be much faster and less painful for the children. Studies have shown that when children whose parents go through a mediated divorce, that those children are more successful in social skills due to having parents who can communicate.

See this article here for more information about studies on the effects of divorce on children.

We have a simple 4-Step Process:

We have a simplified process developed to make the divorce process as simple as possible for you to get started.  Whether you are calling in the Oklahoma City region, or in the Tulsa region, one of our Regional Offices have you covered!

  1. This first step is to have a Phone Consultation, gather all the information we need for your divorce, and answer any questions you may have, and/ or set up in office appointments. (if necessary, or requested)
  2. The next step, once we have gotten all of your information, is to secure a payment. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Credit or Debit Card over the phone, or you can pay with Credit/Debit or cash in one of our office locations. We also accept PayPal.
  3. Once the payment has been made, it will take us approximately 2-3 business days to complete your Uncontested Divorce Paperwork Packet.
  4. Once we complete the Uncontested Divorce Paperwork Packet, we will then deliver it to you by either email, snail mail, or by hand in the office. You will receive a set of filing instructions, which will tell you what order to sign and file your documents in at the Court house in the county of your residence.

That’s it!

You’re divorce should be finished in 10-14 days without children from the time you file your Divorce Petition until the time you see a Judge, and 90 days with children (unless you elect to purchase the 90 day Waiver option)



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