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Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

At Express Documents and Mediation, Inc., we specialize in Oklahoma Divorce Mediation, which is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution. Alternate Dispute Resolution is defined under the Alternate Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 as:

For purposes of this chapter, an alternative dispute resolution process includes
any process or procedure, other than an adjudication by a presiding judge, in which a neutral third
party participates to assist in the resolution of issues in controversy, through processes such as
early neutral evaluation, mediation, minitrial, and arbitration as provided in sections 654 through

Oklahoma Divorce Mediation is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution. ADR is basically a category for methods utilized, through various training and or certifications, which aims to resolve issues or controversy in a given conflict between two parties, of which alternatively, the parties could have their dispute resolved through litigation.

Over the years, many officials in government, especially judges, began to take notice that parties who submitted to mediation were  much more likely to come to more amicable agreements that benefited both parties, vs being forced to accept the ruling of a judge. For example, we specifically specialize in Family and Divorce Mediation in Oklahoma. Let’s say a couple were to be in court disputing custody and visitation of the minor children of the parties. A judge might rule in a manner which is inconsistent with the actual wishes of both parties, i.e., let’s say the father get’s less visitation than what he feels like he deserves. The mother may have wanted to give him 50/50 every other week visitation, but through litigation and argument of counsel, the judges decision could have been brought down due to the inability of the parties to reach an out of court agreement. In Oklahoma Divorce Mediation, we aim to study the wishes of both parties, and to assist in breaking down any conflict or roadblock which could hender negotiations. A mediator is a neurtral party, who is specifically designed/ trained for helping two parties who disagree, come to an agreement.

Often times, the parties will reach an agreement of which they have developed themselves, during the mediation. The mediator is responsible for providing an atmosphere and setting in which the dialogue is designed to inhibit civil conversation and problem solving. In most cases, the parties are both sensible adults, who just can’t seem to get along with one another. This could be due to emotional trauma, or simply due to a break down in marital communication. What we aim to do, is to rebuild that communication, so that the parties can avoid costly legal fees, lengthy trials, and the upset that comes with a verdict no one agrees with.

How can I benefit from Oklahoma Divorce Mediation?

That’s a great question! Give us a call, and we can have you sit down with an experienced Oklahoma Divorce Mediator, whose aim is to make your divorce simple, cheap, and express! We are whole heartedly dedicated to providing you with the best service, at the best rates! We will invest in you before you invest in us, meaning that we will take time to hear your key issues before asking for a single dollar! If we can offer a solution, we will diagnose your issue, and begin our Express Documents and Mediation Problem Solving Process!

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