The Most Comprehensive Summary of Filing for divorce without a lawyer in Oklahoma

Where to start:

In order to learn How to File For Divorce In Oklahoma, you are going to need one initial document to start the Process. This document is called a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, or commonly referred to as “Petition“. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR PETITION 

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage – This document lets the court know exactly what you are trying to get accomplished. This is also the document that tells your spouse that you want to divorce them. The Petition requests that the court review the requests and issue a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.

Divorce Forms and Divorce Papers

The Oklahoma Courts require certain forms to file for divorce. Having the right forms to file divorce papers is critical. Not every situation is the same. Below is a list of forms you may need – and more info about each one:

  •  Petition for Dissolution of Marriage Form (click for more info)

  • Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service


  • Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

  • Custody Plan

  • Visitation Schedule

  • Child Support Computation

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order

  • Temporary Orders

  • Application for Temporary Orders

  • Summons and Automatic Temporary Injunction

  • Relocation Order

  • Emergency Custody Order

Can I file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer?:

Answer. Yes. You can represent yourself Pro Se, which is Latin and means “for self.” We will draft the documents you need to file at your request! We will provide step-by-step filing instructions so that you understand how to file, where to file, and who to see at the Court Clerk’s office. We will take great care to make sure we coach you through every step of the process! If you both agree to sign the divorce documents, this is called an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma.

Our 4-Step Process is as follows:

STEP ONE: Take the Petition to a Notary Public, and sign the Petition and theAffidavit, and have the Notary sign and Notarize it.

STEP TWO: Take the Notarized Petition, make 3 copies of it, and take those copies to the Court Clerk in your County, and tell them you need to File Your Divorce Petition.

STEP THREE: After you have filed your Petition,you must wait a minimum of ONE DAY before you can have your spouse sign the documents he/she needs to sign. This is a court rule in ALL COUNTIES IN OKLAHOMA!


If you have NO CHILDREN with this marriage, then the only document you need to have your spouse sign will be the Waiver of Appearance and the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage – YOUR SPOUSE WAIVES THEIR RIGHT TO APPEAR IN COURT. ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS DO THEIR DIVORCE THIS WAY! Only the Petitioner is required to meet with the Judge! How to File For Divorce In Oklahoma

If you have Children, then there may be some other documents for your spouse to sign, such as the Joint Custody Plan, Child Support Computation, Application to Waive the 90 Day Waiting Period, and others as needed. Keep in mind this is actually very simple. Read the How to File For Divorce In Oklahoma Summary to the right to see how simple it is!

STEP FOUR: This is the day you see the Judge!The Court Clerk or the Judges secretary will have given you the court date by now. Anything, including the Waiver of Appearance, that you have not filed with the Court, take this with you on your court date!

CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR DIVORCE IS FINAL TODAY!!!! If the Judge approves everything as written, you can now begin your new chapter.

Jordan Soriano
Jordan Soriano
01:58 02 Jul 20
They helped me out tremendously. I was having a difficult time having Ex sign and they stayed with me every step and talked me through what my options are. Would definitely be recommending you guys. Thank you so much.
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Regina Walston
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I came to you confused about the situation I was facing. Angela, you led me through a difficult situation and I cannot thank you enough. Thanks for holding my hand and walking me through. Even in your downtime, you were there for me. I, in turn will be sending business your way. I also want to thank Heather. She assisted me while you were out. Thank you both so very much.
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Savannah Burke
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Super easy and fast. Having all the paperwork organized into simple steps made the process much less difficult and it was great saving thousands by not needing a lawyer! Zenna was very helpful!
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Melissa Van Ranken
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Zenna has been so amazing to work with. I was so overwhelmed to take the first step in the divorce process and didn’t really want to be doing it in the first place. I called and Zenna put me at ease, went through the very concise steps, asked all of the important questions and gave me the tools I needed to get mine and my girls lives started in a healthier direction. I highly recommend at least starting with mediation. My divorce just finalized two days ago and Zenna made all of the logistics very clear when the rest of my life felt so messy.
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Danny Villa
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I am still in the process, but I am so excited to finally get this divorce taken care of. Zenna and her amazing helper Oscar, have gone above and beyond with making the process so very easy. She has literally had to hold my hand the entire way, because I am so afraid to make a mistake. Being greeted by Oscar (the cutes and most politis 🐕) every time I walk in the front door, has definitely been one of the highlights of visiting the office.Zenna, thank you for always having a friendly smile and always being so eager to help me. I would, and already have recommended Zeena and her team in Moore.
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Joanna Matos
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Unfortunately, I had to use their services recently, but they were awesome! Cost was very affordable, Angela was super compassionate and knowledgeable. The process was very quick, I had contact with her anytime I had questions about the papers or the process etc. If your divorce will be simple and uncontested, then I highly recommend Express Documents!
17:26 13 Mar 20
Zenna, you made the process so flawless and easy for me. The instructions you provided were very easy. The trip to the courthouse was actually not that intimidating. I appreciate all your all your help.
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Tisha S
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The process to get my documents was so easy and fast!! The ladies that helped me were extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. I am VERY happy with the service I received and absolutely would recommend!!
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Julie Riviello
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Angela was very professional and explained the paperwork and procedures. She also gave me complete written instructions with my paperwork for each step. I’m sure it saved me thousands of dollars I would have paid a lawyer and all I had to do was get paperwork signed and take it to the courthouse. It is already a stressful time getting a divorce and Angela helped relieve a lot of that stress by saving me lots of money and helping me through the process. I’m truly grateful.
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf
22:11 26 Feb 20
I give them a five star.because if it wasn't for them and the quickness to get me my paper work and for the steps I needed to take I wouldn't b sitting here with this sense of relief and the stress that has been lifted off my shoulders I can't be more pleased with this company then i am right now. They were able to give me the answers I needed and the quick response I'm getting this divorce with no problems it took a little longer than expected because I didn't know where ex has been but the judge signed off today and I'm very excited so I highly recommend this company if anybody is needing a divorce to some extent when it comes to a situation like this thank you guys again I will spread the word
William Tidwell
William Tidwell
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Zenna was extremely helpful, very pleasant, and personable she made sure that everything was extremely easy to follow. When we had a question she returned our phone call quickly not to mention gave us her cell phone number for last minute questions. I would recommend her to anyone I know that is in this unfortunate situation.
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
18:55 22 Jan 20
I tried to do this on my own and quickly became confused and overwhelmed. I found Express and was so relieved. Angela made the process so easy with step-by-step instructions. She answered all my questions and concerns along the way. I had no problems at all and the whole process went smoothly. I highly recommend them!
Eric Green
Eric Green
17:13 20 Jan 20
Zenna Lewis at documents and meditation was awesome she was very helpful with helping me understand what was going on and what I need to do next after she did my letter in response
Samantha Hewitt
Samantha Hewitt
20:24 29 Dec 19
Angela made my divorce so easy and uncomplicated. I had enough to deal with besides the paperwork, but they took care of everything. With a short phone call, she had all the info she needed and I got my paperwork in the mail in 2 business days. After that, Angela was just a call or text away for every little question I had and I'm the kind of person who has lots of questions when it comes to important stuff like this. She answered every question quickly. A divorce can be so stressful, but I'm so thankful I used this service. It was well worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone I know!
David Coleman
David Coleman
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Had a really good experience of Zena handling the paperwork and getting all that needs to be done to take care of the divorce keep up the good work and happy New Year
Teri-Waiala Daniels
Teri-Waiala Daniels
21:54 23 Dec 19
Precisely accurate and informative legal documents ready for legal proceedings. Following the precise instructions given they will make you feel as if you have the skill to do this alone, who needs to pay a lawyer to do it when you can save literally thousands doing it yourself.
Enoch Nath
Enoch Nath
12:51 05 Dec 19
These guys are really good in what they do,specially Zenna Lewis is the best in this office. Do know how to do her work professionally and she know what she is doing. Great confidence and Great attitude. She is so great i recommend everyone to go to Zenna Lewis. She is just great. I wish her all the best for her life.
Christy Hubbard
Christy Hubbard
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Every time I asked a question they had the answers, Heather was so awesome. My divorce is final and another chapter in my life is closed. I would highly recommend Express documents and mediation.
Gabe Long
Gabe Long
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Zenna and the team at Express Documents and Mediation are flat out amazing! I asked her to make the impossible happen and she did it. I am soooooo happy with my results!! If you need documents generated for a divorce or separation or most any legal need you need to go see Zenna and the crew in Moore Ok!! Outstanding!!!
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Kelli Long
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Angela made the process extremely painless and simple. She was very professional and even gave us a same day appointment. Our documents were completed on the same day!! I would highly recommend this company.
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Hope Barber
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They were so helpful and made everything go super fast! Thank you so much for making this an easier process! 🙂
Grant Andrus
Grant Andrus
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Very helpful, patient and easy to work with. Even after several of revisions, complete changes to paperwork and months of delay they were always more than willing to fix what I needed. Angie, thank you for all of it. Once the judge saw us it only took 5 minutes for all of the papers to be signed!
Javie Modesto
Javie Modesto
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They were very helpful and professional. They got me in on the same day I called. They were efficient and nice.
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Cheyenne Cheatwood
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Absolutely amazing service. Friendly people. Explained in great detail how to get every step done correctly. Very professional.
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Awesome place to go for mediation. Quick and easy to get started.
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Very prompt and friendly services ⭐️⭐️⭐️! I would recommend to anyone needing a divorce ASAP!
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These guys are awesome! Actually, Angela to be specific! She helped me with my cheap divorce - and got me the divorce forms I needed. I had filed with another website, and the judge rejected them! If you need a divorce in Oklahoma, get with Express Docs!! THANK YOU ANGELA!!!!!
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Robert Gosciniak
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I'm so very pleased with the service that Express provided. Angie, and the rest of the staff, were so helpful, and did everything to make it happen. Thank you Angie !!!
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Eric is extremely professional. They are very efficient and super helpful. I’m so glad I used their services.
Quinte Walleye Guiding
Quinte Walleye Guiding
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Best cheap uncontested divorce in Oklahoma hands down. I sent my niece in here and they took very good care of her.
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Srikanth Anumula
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The lady who helped me coast thru my divorce is Angela. Respectful, cordial, thoughtful, helpful. Couldn't have gone to a better person in this matter than her. She knows what she's doing. We need ppl like her more out there to assist ppl like me for help in matters not just in divorce but other thing's also. Thank YouAngela.
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Ashley Johnson
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I had the best experience here today. I walked in without an appointment and was taken care of quickly and efficiently. I met with Angela and she made time to help me with revisions to my divorce papers. Angela is a very nice, friendly and down to earth person, she met my expectations and more, I wasn't sure what to do and what steps to take and she made everything so easy to understand. I feel much more confidennt in the process.I am absolutely happy with my experience! I highly recommend this business. Thank you Angela!!
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson
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Really professional and knowledgeable. Price is great, as long as the divorce is agreed upon and no contest then this is your place to go. Steps and instructions are all laid out in order and simple to follow.
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Holly Sheppard
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This place is AMAZING! Would strongly reccomend !
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Justin Stevens
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They were great! Worked with me with payment and super friendly.
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KaCee Thrift
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I had a wonderful experience with Eric and his team! We working together for over a year and a half, they were patient and answered every question I had. I will for sure refer anyone to you all if they need! Absolutely amazing!
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Justbob C
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My paperwork took two minutes in front of the judge. Half were declined .Mine sailed through. Two minutes, no hassle. Follow instructions exactly.
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Angela King
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Excellent service. Angela was awesome she walked me step by step throughout my process and i would recommend her to everyone who needs help with a divorce..thank u so much.
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Mike IC
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They worked with me over several months due to my rather unique situation. Feedback was almost instantaneous, very responsive to texts and emails during business hours and got good advice. My option was not cheap but the very responsive customer service made it very worth it. Thank you. Highly recommend these professional folks to get you through even the stickiest divorce.
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Destiny Philipose
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Easy to work with and made the process a breeze! Who knew getting a divorce could be so easy? Highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for legal services!
Anna Asbell
Anna Asbell
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These ladies are so kind and helpful. I was lost and they told me step by step what to do and expect. So much cheaper than any lawyer. I had no problems with their paperwork being excepted by the court. I hope I never need them again, but would definitely recommend them!
Donavon Martin
Donavon Martin
20:00 15 Nov 17
Very helpful, service was exceptional. Margie Johnson
Danny Winkenwerder
Danny Winkenwerder
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Very helpful with all of our questions. Has been quick and very efficient.
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I received an excellent and wonderful service everybody there in the office is so nice!
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Maygan Dodd
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Very quick an very friendly will help you get the exact results you are looking for in a nasty divorce.
Amanda Hodge
Amanda Hodge
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Each part of the process comes with step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Express makes a pain in the butt event less of a pain in the butt process.
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How to File For Divorce in Oklahoma






CONGRATULATIONS! You will see the Judge now and your divorce will be granted on this day!


Petitioner – The person who files the Petition to the Court

Respondent – The spouse who receives the Petition and is given the chance to “Respond”.

100% genuine and down to earth!

Customer Review for Cheap Divorces in Oklahoma with Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

They are completely AMAZING. 100% genuine and down to earth! The process is quick and easy to understand. Didn’t think that it would run this smoothly. Definitely would recommend to anyone undergoing the divorce process.

Very professional. Very courteous. Made my life easier.

Customer Review for Oklahoma Divorce Services

Very professional. Very courteous. Made my life easier.


See this Review on Google!

Helpful Hints!

Be sure to have your Spouse sign the RESPONDENT SIGNATURE line on the back page of the Decree. DO NOT NOTARIZE IT!!!

Be sure to dress appropriately and modest.

Don't be nervous, relax, relief is almost here!

Don't complicate the filing instructions! It really is simple, you just have slow down and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

"important!" Remember, file the Petition with the Court before you have your spouse sign ANYTHING!

Be courteous and polite to your spouse when asking them to sign. If there are any disagreements, contact us and we can help you solve them.

This process goes so much easier for couples who can get along just long enough to File, Sign and Wait to see the Judge.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD! There are clients who understandHow to File For Divorce In Oklahoma and there are MANY who don't! Don't be afraid to send us an email or call us to ask for help or clarification. Remember, the title of the Document is always right below you and your spouses name

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Spouse Have to Appear in Court?

No. In MOST CASES we handle, the spouse signs a WAIVER of APPEARANCE, because both parties agree to the terms of the divorce. 

What Am I "Entitled To"?

We cannot answer questions that are deamed as "Legal Advice", because we do not employ attorneys. We can simply draft the documents and instruct you as to which document you file first and where you go to file. We can, however either direct you to an attorney if you have a question we cannot answer.

If You Don't Employ Attorneys, then How Can You Draft My Documents?

This is our MOST COMMON QUESTION. We are able to do this by helping those who wish to take advantage of their right to Represent themselves in court, Pro Se, which is Latin and means "For Self". The majority of our clients have been seperated for several years, and due to the high costs associated with attorneys, they cannot afford one. We help anyone who cannot afford to pay the fees associated with Lawyer Assisted Divorces (LADS). Again, we always recommend you consult a Divorce Attorney if you have pressing Legal Questions.

Can You List The Divisions of Property and Debts we have, Such as our Home?

Yes. We can list any property or debt you have acquired together over time.

Can I file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer?

Yes. We help you obtain a "Pro Se" divorce, which is Latin and means "for self." This means you will file the documents and represent yourself, instead of paying a lawyer to do it.

What if my Spouse Get's Angry and Wants to Contest it?

AnswerThis is a common problem. Luckily, you have us who are a neutral party more than willing to call your spouse and discuss the terms and try to bring the both of you to a reasonable and PEACEFUL compromise. If we cannot find a path for success, we will recommend that you see a Divorce Attorney and go the hard route 🙁***MOST CASES LIKE THIS, WE ARE ABLE TO COOL THE HEAT AND FACILITATE VERY SUCCESSFUL MEDIATIONRemember, it is most likely that your spouse is not ready to spend $10,000.00 going to Court, and this route can save them time, money and peace of mind as well!

How do I get a divorce in Oklahoma?

You must follow the proper steps in the proper order with the correct paperwork. Your divorce must either be granted by default or by a judges order in District Court. Filing divorce papers can be a simple task - or it can be a difficult task. Our team uses over a decade of experience, having helped thousands of people get their divorce finalized in as little as 10 days. The first step in filing is to get the proper help with the documents. CLICK HERE to schedule a free appointment to discuss your options!

Requirements to file for Divorce in Oklahoma

The following requirements must be met to file for an Oklahoma Divorce:

Residency Requirements

A. Except as otherwise provided by subsection B of this section, the petitioner or the respondent in an action for divorce or annulment of a marriage must have been an actual resident, in good faith, of the state, for six (6) months immediately preceding the filing of the petition.

B. Any person who has been a resident of any United States army post or military reservation within the State of Oklahoma, for six (6) months immediately preceding the filing of the petition, may bring action for divorce or annulment of a marriage or may be sued for divorce or annulment of a marriage.

Source: O.S. §43-102

Where to file for divorce, annulment and separate maintenance

A. The venue of any action for divorce, annulment of a marriage or legal separation may be in the following counties:

1. An action for divorce or annulment of a marriage may be filed in the county in which the petitioner has been a resident for the thirty (30) days immediately preceding the filing of the petition or in the county in which the respondent is a resident; provided, the action may be assigned for trial in any county within the judicial district by the chief judge of the district; and

2. An action for legal separation may be brought in the county in which either party is a resident at the time of the filing of the petition.

B. The court may, upon application of a party, transfer an action for divorce, annulment of marriage or legal separation at any time after filing of the petition to any county where venue would be proper under subsection A of this section if the requirements of subsection C or D of this section are met.

C. The court shall grant a party’s application for change of venue when the other party is not a resident of this state at the time the application for change of venue is filed, or the plaintiff has departed from this state and has been absent for more than six (6) months preceding the date the application for change of venue is filed, and transfer is requested to the county where the applying party resides in this state.

D. The court shall grant a party’s application for change of venue when the court determines that it is an inconvenient forum under the circumstances and the court in another county is a more appropriate forum consistent with the factors in subsection B of Section 551-207 of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act after substitution of the word "county" for the word "state" in such section of the act, and transfer is requested to the county where the applying party resides in the state.

Source: O.S. §43-103

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma establishes grounds for divorce in Title 43.
If you are looking for a divorce due to a mistake by your spouse, you are required to prove at least one of the grounds listed below:
The district court may grant a divorce for any of the following causes:

First. Abandonment for one (1) year.

Second. Adultery.

Third. Impotency.

Fourth. When the wife at the time of her marriage was pregnant by another than her husband.

Fifth. Extreme cruelty.

Sixth. Fraudulent contract.

Seventh. Incompatibility. Provided, however, where the interest of a child under eighteen (18) years of age is involved, the adult parties shall attend an educational program concerning the impact of divorce on children as provided in subsection B of Section 107.2 of this title.

Eighth. Habitual drunkenness.

Ninth. Gross neglect of duty.

Tenth. Imprisonment of the other party in a state or federal penal institution under sentence thereto for the commission of a felony at the time the petition is filed.

Eleventh. The procurement of a final divorce decree without this state by a husband or wife which does not in this state release the other party from the obligations of the marriage.

Twelfth. Insanity for a period of five (5) years, the insane person having been an inmate of a state institution for the insane in the State of Oklahoma, or inmate of a state institution for the insane in some other state for such period, or of a private sanitarium, and affected with a type of insanity with a poor prognosis for recovery; provided, that no divorce shall be granted because of insanity until after a thorough examination of such insane person by three physicians, one of whom shall be a superintendent of the hospital or sanitarium for the insane in which the insane defendant is confined, and the other two to be appointed by the court before whom the action is pending, and any two of such physicians shall agree that such insane person, at the time the petition in the divorce action is filed, has a poor prognosis for recovery; provided, further, however, that no divorce shall be granted on this ground to any person whose husband or wife is an inmate of a state institution in any other than the State of Oklahoma, unless the person applying for such divorce shall have been a resident of the State of Oklahoma for at least five (5) years prior to the commencement of an action; and provided further, that a decree granted on this ground shall not relieve the successful party from contributing to the support and maintenance of the defendant. The court shall appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the insane defendant, which appointment shall be made at least ten (10) days before any decree is entered.

Source: O.S. §43-101


Changes in Oklahoma Divorce Procedures and Laws

We closely monitor all changes to Oklahoma divorce laws and statutes. From time to time, the Oklahoma legislature makes new rules that directly impact the procedures for filing for divorce. Our attention to detail is one of the #1 reason a person should consider hiring us to draft your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Forms. The most important consideration when comparing divorce form providers is our success rate. Simply read our reviews on Facebook and Google for more proof in our proverbial pudding! 🙂

You have successfully learned How to File For Divorce In Oklahoma! Thank you for reading!

Divorcing Couple that is not upset because they filed for divorce without expensive lawyers - saved money!Helpful tips When Filing for Divorce without a Lawyer - To keep the process out of a lawyers office

1. Focus on not fighting over petty stuff.

2. When it comes to property division are you fighting over a piece of property or a part of the emotional history?

3. How will this process affect your children if you have kids?

4. What will the end process look like if you guys settle peacefully versus trying to establish who is the worst person?

5. Your friends are not your friends during the divorce. Although they mean well they will often lead you down the road that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having a neutral third-party mediator is an excellent option because the mediators not biased toward anyone's side.

6. Personal Property will be replaced, but friendships can be destroyed for life.

  • Just because you are going to divorce does not mean you have to hate each other.
  • Your ex-spouse can often be a perfect person to go to in times of need especially when you have kids together.
  • Keeping the friendship in tact can reap many rewards over your lifetime. One guy was married to a barber. He doesn't want anyone else to cut his hair. Another woman has a landscaper for an ex-husband. He still cuts her grass.

Although the marriage is ended, the bridge does not have to burn. In fact, living on opposite sides of the bridge may make your relationship better when you have space. Consider the thought that having space may allow for a friendship to be rekindled, which is always better than having enemies.

7. Remember that very expensive divorces happen because of spite more so than substance. All too often, divorce attorneys are the only winners in a divorce.

8. What is the most important outcome for you? If you can narrow down and focus on a settlement that helps both parties go forward without injury or as little injury as possible, then it may be possible for your div for your divorce to not cause a massive scar on your life.

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How to File For Divorce In Oklahoma

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