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How Long Does An Uncontested Divorce Take

How Long Does An Uncontested Divorce Take?

How long does an uncontested divorce take? That all depends on many different circumstances. For example, we have seen customers with an uncontested divorce without children completed in as little as 14 days. An Uncontested Divorce with children can take upwards of 90 days. Some people purchase a 90 Day Waiver to request for the judge to lower their waiting period to be less than 90 days. These people usually have circumstances that require them to be finished faster. You should do legal research or ask a divorce lawyer if you have the right circumstances. Usually in the worst cases, if a Judge says no, then you wait the 90 days like everyone else.

How long does an Uncontested Divorce Take (continued)

How long does an uncontested divorce take? If both parties can come to an agreement, this type of divorce can move much faster than a litigated divorce. Typically, if all matters regarding child support, child custody, child visitation with both parents, property division, debt distribution are agreed upon, then the divorce is much faster.

If you are having difficulty coming up with an agreement regarding your divorce issues, such as child support, alimony, child custody or property, then we can help! Our divorce mediators are experienced in handling ugly fights! We can help you come up with a plan so you can be finished. We can alleviate the “How long does an Uncontested Divorce” pain you may be experiencing!

Anytime a dispute arises, rest assured that we will work hard to help you settle said dispute! We know this is a difficult process, and we are ready to help you avoid the pain associated with it! We will do everything in our divorce mediator powers to pull out all the stops so you can avoid more headache! If you have any questions, please schedule an in office visit with us. We’ll coach you through the whole process, from A-Z!


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