Answers to common divorce questions in Oklahoma
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Divorce in Oklahoma FAQ

Q: How long does it take to get a divorce in Oklahoma?

A: If no children are born of the marriage, a divorce in Oklahoma can finalize in 10 days. If there are children born of the marriage, an Oklahoma divorce with children usually takes approximately 90 days.

Q: How much does it cost to get a divorce?

The average cost of divorce in Oklahoma is $18,700 (with children). Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. starts at $149 without children and $249 with children

The answer is $18,700 as surveyed

Q: How many divorces does your company handle each year?

A: Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. helps approximately 1,000-2,000 divorcing couples each year in Oklahoma!

Q: Can I file for divorce in Oklahoma myself?

A: Yes! Our company specializes in assisting people in getting a divorce in Oklahoma on their own without having to hire an expensive divorce lawyer!

Q: What is an Uncontested Divorce?

A: An Uncontested Divorce is a method of getting a divorce in Oklahoma without having to fight costly battles in court. Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. provides a host of divorce services which model around uncontested divorce in Oklahoma that is designed to settle divorces quickly, efficiently, outside of court without the hassle of expensive divorce attorneys.

Q: What is a Waiver Divorce in Oklahoma?

A: A waiver divorce in Oklahoma is a divorce whereby one party (petitioner) files a divorce petition, and the other party (respondent) signs a Waiver which allows them to waive their appearance in court as well as their right to be served a summons by a licensed process server or sheriff. The parties both agree to the terms of the divorce and do not wish to fight in court.

Q: What is Divorce Mediation?

A: Divorce Mediation is a process whereby two opposing parties hire a neutral 3rd party negotiator to help them settle outstanding issues so that a Divorce Decree can be drafted which both parties agree to sign. Rather than hiring lawyers and fighting endless, exhaustive and expensive battles in courts, the parties can use one mediator to find agreements which will allow for a more simple divorce process. Divorce Mediation has been shown to save thousands of dollars in divorce fees. In addition to financial savings, studies have shown that minor children are 85% more likely to be successful when their parents go through a mediated divorce vs. a litigated divorce.

Q: How do I file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer?

A: Step one: Contact Express Documents and Mediation and ask for a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. We will provide this in addition to other documents you will need to file and finalize a divorce in Oklahoma.

Q: Where can I find a list of Oklahoma Divorce Laws?

A: You can click this link here to see an entire list of Oklahoma divorce laws!


Get started on Cheap divorce in Oklahoma
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Coach You Through The Oklahoma Divorce Process

Challenge of the Oklahoma Divorce Process

Going through the Oklahoma Divorce Process can be challenging. It’s one of those things in life that you don’t think you will ever engage in, and it’s certainly not something they prepare you for in college or high school. The Oklahoma Divorce Process is a process we know very well!

Like most endeavors, divorce can be a challenge. The Oklahoma divorce process can be both intimidating and exhausting. Just preparing for a divorce can be costly, not only in monetary cost, but emotional stress and mental exhaustion are factors which weigh heavily on the bottom line!

No one WANTS to get a divorce. No one ever set out in life to get a divorce. Everyone starts their life with dreams of a wedding and a life filled with happiness. We all plan for happiness. Who plans for disaster?
When dealing with the Oklahoma Divorce Process, most people don’t have a clue. The first thought, is get a lawyer! Lawyers are very important! A good divorce lawyer can protect you in the midst of the other party attempting to wrong you.

Most cases, however, don’t necessarily need to be hard fought for a win. Lawyers, like soldiers, are designed for war. For most couples, the war is already over. The divorce process is supposed to bring peace. Instead, it often brings more death and destruction.

I am thoroughly convinced, after 6 years of being a divorce mediator, that divorce itself is not the cause of post traumatic stress after a divorce, but rather, a lengthy, nasty and costly divorce war is the culprit.

Does the Oklahoma Divorce Process have to be deadly?

At Express Documents & Mediation, we pride ourselves on helping people end the war with diplomacy. There are often unsettled disputes when people enter our offices, but these are disputes we can easily settle. We have seen people leave our offices, engage in war, rack up 6 figures worth of legal fees, and end up BACK in our office to settle the deal! One woman spent over $100k in legal fees over a 5 year span!!! WHY?!!!

Our Oklahoma Divorce Process is proven, tested and ready to settle disputes in a manner which drastically reduces cost, stress and emotional turmoil! We attack the problem, not the people! There’s a reason why we have offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa! That reason is like our “secret” chili recipe!

We Coach You Through The Process

We will coach your through the Oklahoma Divorce Process. We have options such as:

• Divorce Planning
• Before, during and after
• Discovering Areas of Potential Disagreement
• Destroying Areas of Conflict and Disagreement
• Settling Disputes OUTSIDE of Court!
• Where to file
• How to file
• How to schedule a court date with your judge
• Step-By-Step Instruction

Our aim, is to make your divorce exactly what you planned. We help manage the process, remove unrealistic expectations that might hinder the process, and establish goals and focus to facilitate a simple, easy process.
By the time we are done, you can begin your path to peace. Rather than making a bad situation worse, our #1 goal, is to END THE WAR and start the peace plan!