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 Oklahoma Divorce

    Oklahoma Divorce Process can be tough if you don't have the right tools. An Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce can be challenging - BUT DOES IT HAVE TO BE?
    We see lot's of patterns with people who call wanting information on how to file an Oklahoma Divorce, and many of those same people aren't quite sure what an Uncontested Divorce is. An Uncontested Divorce, or No Fault Divorce, is a divorce in Oklahoma in which both parties, husband and wife, agree that they are now Incompatible and need to dissolve their marriage. An Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce can be an easy way out of a marriage, because both parties agree to the dissolution. 

              "What if we have a contested divorce and want to make it Uncontested?" - This questions comes up more commonly than you think. Picture this: A husband and a wife decide to divorce. The wife goes to an attorney and asks for help to file, all for $500.00 in consultation fee. Then, once the case has started, she has to pay another $3,000.00 for services rendered. "But we just want to file our selves!" OK, so now the price is $1,500.00 for an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce. Let's say the husband and wife can't agree on who get's the house. NOW WE HAVE A FIGHT! This can be unnerving and can be very stressful and last for many months! "So how do we stop the fighting and get a divorce for AS LOW AS $149.00?" The answer is very simple. BE HUMANE. CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS. SOMEBODY TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM! If you can both come to an agreement, such as to sell the house and split any equity, then both parties are satisfied! Why make this divorce process in Oklahoma be more difficult than it has to be? Divide it amongst yourselves and move on! If you have a contested divorce, and would like to make it simple, call us and we will help you figure it out!
       The method of divorce we sell here on Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce, is "Pro Se" divorce. Pro Se is Latin and means "For Self". This means that you will not have a divorce lawyer or Oklahoma Divorce Attorney Represent you; rather you will represent yourself when you meet with the Judge. This is the most common form of an Uncontested Divorce that happens today. 
             "IS IT HARD?"- NOT AT ALL! You contact OklahomaUncontestedDivorce.com and we help you in the preparation of the documents you will need for court. You then take the Oklahoma Divorce Papers down to the Court Clerk in your County and file the Petition. You then wait 24 hrs after you file and take the Divorce Papers to your spouse and have them sign all documents required. After that, you take them back on your court date, meet with the Judge, and your divorce should be Final THAT DAY! In Oklahoma when there are children present in the marriage, you must wait 90 days before your divorce is granted; however, there is a Waiver that can be filed with the court that can allow you to be divorced in as little as 30 days should the Judge sign off on it! If your Oklahoma Divorce has NO MINOR CHILDREN, then you will be divorced in 10-14 days!