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Our goal is to simplify the process for divorce in Oklahoma and eliminate unnecessary legal fees.

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Traditionally, divorce in Oklahoma can cost thousands of dollars. Why break the bank if you don’t have to? Let us show you a better way!


We eliminate massive divorces costs by simplifying the Oklahoma divorce process through various principals and techniques.


Tensions are high. The first thing we are going to do is remove the people from the problem. We want to focus on problems, not people.

How Do I File For Divorce in Oklahoma?

NAME Description Link
1. File for divorce with a lawyer The average cost in Oklahoma with children is $18,700.00 Click for alternative divorce Options
2. Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma If you have an agreement, a no children Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma starts at $149 without children. Click to Schedule Appointment to Start Uncontested Divorce
3. Divorce Mediation Use a divorce mediator to help you settle any disagreements so you can avoid expensive divorce court! Click for Divorce Mediation.

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Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma

A divorce with children in Oklahoma typically costs around $18,700.00 on average when it is contested. At Express Documents and Mediation, Inc., we help divorcing couples agree on the conditions of their divorce so that they can get an uncontested divorce with children or without children. An Uncontested Divorce significantly reduces the cost of divorce in Oklahoma!

Uncontested Divorce means that both parties agree to sign divorce papers or that neither party is contesting the divorce Decree. Our job is two-fold:

1. Help the parties to simplify their agreement.

2. Draft all necessary documents they need to file their divorce forms at the court house in their county.

We cover all the bases; custody, visitation, child support, property, debt, retirement, assets, and any other area which may be important to the parties.

We have been in business almost eight years! Every year we save the State of Oklahoma millions of dollars in legal fees! These savings alone helps our local economy. Additionally, it enables families to heal quicker and makes the divide after a divorce much smaller than what would happen in a typically heated court battle. Keeping a divorce peaceful is of particular importance for a divorce where minor children are involved!

How do I file for Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma?

Answer. Schedule an appointment with our Divorce Mediation Staff to see if you qualify for a simple, cheap uncontested divorce. If you do, we will coach you through the entire Uncontested Divorces Process.

Divorce Filing Requirements in Oklahoma

You must be a resident of Oklahoma for at least 6 (six) months before filing your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage at the District Courthouse. Link to the OSCN.NET legal citation

You must be a resident of the County you live in for at least 30 (thirty) days before filing your divorce Petition in Oklahoma at the district court clerk’s office. Link to the OSCN.NET legal citation

Who We Are

We are a Family and Divorce Mediation Practice. We utilize the practice of Divorce Mediation to settle divorce disputes outside of court, without the need to hire expensive divorce lawyers in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, or Edmond. We help people divorcing in all 77 Counties in Oklahoma.

Founded in 2008, EXPDM has helped thousands of residents in the State of Oklahoma successfully complete Pro Se divorces, which is Latin and means “For Self.” When divorce tensions get high, we utilize unique processes in the areas of “Alternate Dispute Resolution” and “Divorce Mediation” to settle tough disputes.


Our offices are poised and ready to help you anytime you need it. From the initial appointment to the final court date, and even post-divorce. We are here to help!


Even if it’s not an Agreed Divorce, we can help you reach an agreement! Our goal is amicable agreement. Why fight when the goal is peace?


When parties agree in Mediation, they have a higher success rate of following their Divorce Decree after the divorce, versus having to abide by strict Orders from a Judge. Our processes allow the parties to make their own decisions and avoid difficult and disagreeable stipulations.

Why choose Express Documents & Mediation?

There are tons of options out there! From divorce attorneys to paralegals. Why are we different?

Uncontested Divorce Combined with Divorce Mediation

Everybody wants the low-cost divorce option that is popular with Uncontested Divorce. No one wants to pay $8,000.00 for a divorce in Oklahoma! Unfortunately, not everyone has a true Uncontested Divorce. With our Divorce Resolution Process, we can mediate the disagreements and potentially avoid a nasty Contested Divorce!

  • Uncontested Divorce starts at $149 without children
  • Our Divorce Mediation Process can settle difficult disagreements
  • We separate the people from the problem
  • EXPDM sees thousands of cases each year
  • We have potential solutions before you walk in the door
  • We coach you through the divorce process
  • We have resources available for any and every situation

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We have developed some of the best methods for settling divorce disputes. Our processes are unique to us. They have been tried and tested for over 6 years!


There are many ways to get a divorce. We use exclusive to us techniques that combine passion and experience to provide a not-so-nuclear method to divorce.


Oklahoma City Uncontested Divorce – Not limited to Oklahoma City

If you live in any of the 77 counties in the beautiful State of Oklahoma, we can help you out! We have serviced divorcing couples in every county and usually know what each court expects to see in your Oklahoma Divorce Decree! Our Oklahoma City Uncontested Divorce option is not limited to the OKC Metro area! We serve the following counties in Oklahoma!

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